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This Cart Selection Comprises the Full Rife Digital PRO V2 machine, Bag, Cables, Adapter, Books Plus the Rife Healing Mat (Combo)
(See Super Mat Pack Listing for more Belt and Mat Combo information)

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This Cart Selection Comprises the Full Rife Digital PRO V2 machine, Bag, Cables, Adapter, Books Plus the Rife Healing MAT (Combo)

(See Super Mat Pack Listing for more Belt and Mat Combo information)



The RIFE DIGITAL Pro V2 has 25 Groups
The machine comes with a Frequency List, listing different disease conditions and the frequencies alongside to be used to treat the illness

The Voltage can be adjusted from 12.5v, 14.5v and 17v
This is very useful for our sensitive customers especially Lyme Disease patients who might need longer to build up to the 17v (everyone is different).

Of course using the 17v is the the aim.

There are 20 pre saved programs that come with the machine and
from Group 21-25 the Groups are empty.
You can put in your own specified programs here.
However, if any pre saved Groups are not required it takes 3 x minutes or less to over ride those programs with something of your own choice.
All programs can be changed as often as one wishes.
The Master Reset Button can be used to bring the factory settings back.

Dr. Rife, was the first to discover frequency treatments, and invented the Rife Machine. The very first frequency healing device. Dr Rife found that when viruses, bacteria and parasites are bombarded with electrical frequencies which match the same frequency of the pathogen, this helps to destroy the targeted pathogen. This is an inherent characteristic shared by all objects and living beings called “Resonant Frequency,” which is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Resonant frequencies are what makes a string on a stringed instrument produce a certain note.

Resonant frequencies, in addition to producing music can also cause objects to shake so uncontrollably that their stability is undermined. This is what happened to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940. The wind reached resonance with the bridge and it shook apart. The same is the case re: with pathogens. When the frequency being intoduced into the body by way of feet and/or hand straps or Mats reaches resonance with whatever pathogen it resonates with, it undermines it’s stability and kills it.

Another example is when a soprano hits a high note and a wine glass shatters. A simple premise and a well kept secret by the medical powers that be.


– “Rife Professional V2” has more than double the Amperage of the earlier models
– Fully Programmable Rife frequency generator
– Easy to Use with a keypad. Enter frequencies quickly and easily.
– Utilizes Bioresonance treatment frequencies
– Power Adapter Rating: 19v-DC,
– Power Adapter AMP Rating: 4500ma, (Professional model has 125% x more Amp Capacity)
– Rife Measured Voltage Output ~17v (Use only Oscilloscope to measure voltage output)
– Voltage Switchable to 12.5v, 14.5v, 17.5v
– 50% Duty Cycle (Standard)
– 100% Positive Offset
– DAC: Digital Accuracy
– RF Frequencies – Original Machine. Button Switchable
– CW Frequencies – (Dr Rife Carrier Wave) Frequency Generator Button Switchable
– LCD display with more menu options

– FREQUENCY RANGE: 0000.01Khz – 999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz) You do not want to go beyond the 999.99 khz range as over this amount you will be targeting the human frequency and you do not want that as it can be harmful. You want to target Pathogens, not humans.

– Lab tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
– Harmonics: Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
– Square Wave Output
– 2 Ports for Strap Connectors for the hands and feet. Or Mats
– 2 Straps now connect directly to machine (No Y Junction required)

– USA manufactured chipsets, by Microchip Devices USA
– All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v – 230/240/250v)
– STANDARD SWEEP (goes through all 10 frequencies on auto pilot)
– RUN SWEEP (Run – for only one frequency choice)
– PULSE SWEEP- Builds power output for 1 second and Pulses Frequencies into the body
– CONVERGENCE SWEEP – Runs 2 Frequencies simultaneously on the full Million program mode (Excellent for general treatments).
– SUPER SWEEP – Runs all million frequencies from 0 – 1 million KHz
– 25 Multiple Group Settings.
– CLINIC STANDARD DEVICE Key in all your patients programs prior to their arrival for treatment.

Rife Professional V2 model has the following uses:
(1) You wish to use the Higher Power output of the new PULSE feature
(2) You require multiple programs prerecorded for varying disease treatments
(3) You prefer the simplified Keyboard Input facility
(4) You Wish to Switch between Radio Frequencies and Carrier Waves (Original Rife vs Dr Clark FG machine)
(5) You wish to experience every frequency from zero to 1 million via Super Sweep
(6) You require the DUAL frequency output of the Convergence Sweep Mode
(5) You need the Larger 30Mhz Quartz Crystal Core.

The following lists the Pre Programmed diseases which can be changed if need be once you have the machine.
Master Reset brings all back again, if you do change these programs and want the factory settings back again.

Group 1 : Arthritis, Rheumatism and Osteoporosis
Group 2 : Asthma & Allergies Comprehensive
Group 3 : STD Comprehensive
Group 4 : Hepatitis Specific, Hep A, B, C
Group 5 : Dental Comprehensive, Oral Health
Group 6 : Cancer Comprehensive
Group 7 : Metastasis (Organ) Cancer Comprehensive
Group 8 : Dr Rife’s specialized MOR CW Frequency
Group 9 : Alzheimer’s and other Dementias
Group 10 : Gram +/- Bacterial infections (cold & flu)
Group 11 : Virus Comprehensive
Group 12 : Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Group 13 : Heart Disease & COPD Comprehensive
Group 14 : Diabetes Comprehensive Type 1 & 2 + Onset
Group 15 : Dr Hulda Clark Parasite General
Group 16 : Cancer: Breast Specific
Group 17 : Brain Disorders & Brain Diseases
Group 18 : Molds (General) and human fungal symptom
Group 19 : Pain, General:
Group 20: Stress Disorders (General)
Group 21 – 25: User Programmable Groups.
21 – 25 are left empty so you can program in whatever Frequency Set you may need.

You can erase the Preset frequencies by following the Program Instructions to reprogram your own frequency set.
PLUS SUPER SWEEP (One Million Frequency Sweep)
PLUS CONVERGENCE SWEEP (Dual frequency transmission over a 1 million frequency band)

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