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Rife Digital Professional V3

Unlike 00 Plus “Frequency Generators” or Rife Machines, The Rife Digital Professional V3 is designed to reproduce
all of Dr Rife’s Treatment Program at a fifth of the Price!

Our most popular Rife Machine, The Rife Digital Professional has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand people across the planet using the built in Dr Rife Treatment Protocol. The Compact size, easy to read menu and Large display in 3 built in languages, plus the instruction book in 12 languages, all makes this Rife Machine suitable for all people in all places and all countries

Benefits: 20 Built in programs cover the most common types of disease conditions, which means a treatment can be started straight out of the box, without having to study the manuals. Comfortable and easy to adjust Velcro Straps are attachable to hands or feet for treatments. Programs above 20 are clear, so specific or lesser known diseases can be easily programmed into those Groups using the ETDFL frequency list.

A Hand Held Machine! In the case when a person who is traveling around a lot, they will really find the benefits in a lighter and easy to carry Rife Machine with all country plugs provided in the box. Lighter in weight, but providing more powerful frequency output than many of the huge box type “Rife Machines” selling for over 00

The latest Rife Machine (V3 Professional)

Includes 6 Velcro Straps for Hands/Feet

Includes English/Japanese/Spanish menu

6 Instructional Videos inside Box *

22 International Language books in box *

Hot Swap Rife Carrier Wave and RF

20 Built in Dr Rife Protocol Programs

User area for adding 3500 ETDFL Programs

Super Sweep, Pulse Sweep, Convergence Sweep

Sensitivity Select through Voltage Menu

Compact, Lightweight Professional Rife Machine

Large Easy to read Menu Screen

Sales and Service Center in USA

Replacement Guarantee, Money back warranty

German Quality and Design