ETDFL: Bioresonance Frequency List for Rife Machines

The Most Current Bioresonance Frequency List

100% Actionable ETDFL PDF in 12 Languages

ETDFL is an project based in Berlin Germany, with a vision to contribute innovative information and technology to the world.

ETDFL Have been compiling disease frequency data lists from 12 Bioresonance Clinics across the planet since June 2006.

Data is sourced from 12 Clinics which use the Quantum SCIO Bioresonance machine to record Disease frequencies of actual clients, and then produce the 10 most accurate frequencies which are deemed suitable for treatment with the Royal Rife Machine, Frequency Generator Devices, or Digital Zappers which can transmit 1 million frequencies, and also compatible with the Life Machine plus other Digital Programmable types of Electro Therapy Devices.

The ETDFL project began in 2006 when the original CAFL frequency list was discontinued.  ETDFL became the industry standard for Bioresonance Frequencies and is now used by more than 100,000 Royal Rife Machine enthusiasts and clinics across the planet.  The accuracy of the frequencies produces positive results for the clients who use this Frequency List in clinics and homes in every country.

ETDFL is updated once a year.  Latest PDF versions are available at this website.   The 12 International Language PDF versions of ETDFL will allow you to search the ETDFL Database for Disease frequencies which may be more up to date than the Paperback ETDFL provided with your Rife Machine.